Acceptable Use of Falkirk Council PCs



On first accessing the internet on a library PC, you will be asked to confirm that you have read this guide and that you agree to its terms for all subsequent use.

You agree that you will not intentionally access any material which:


Is obscene, sexually explicit, racist, defamatory or illegal to access;

Causes harassment or offence to others;

Breaches copyright


You agree that you will not interfere in any way with the hardware, software or general operation of the PC.   You must stop any activity if requested to do so by a member of staff.


You agree that only you (the named library member) will access the PCs  Tickets are not transferable to any other person (Digital Economy Act 2010 and Computer Misuse Act 1990). If you do so you will be held responsible for any breaches of the Acceptable Use Policy.




You must ensure that you do not break any laws of copyright. If a website gives you specific permission to copy information you may make as many copies or prints as you wish.

If any site specifically forbids copies of the information being made you must respect this and under no circumstances should you make any copies or prints.


The following are not permitted on Council PCs:


Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures;

Using or displaying inappropriate and / or obscene language;

Attempting to access sites and material you know to be offensive;

Downloading software;


Breaking, or attempting to break, any system security controls placed on your Internet account;

Intentionally accessing or transmitting computer viruses or software programs used to trigger these;

Knowingly and/or negligently doing anything which breaks the law.

Photographing screens with handheld devices.


In the event of a criminal investigation, data will be shared with the appropriate authorities;



You can find out privacy notice here -

Any breaches of this policy will result in internet access being withdrawn